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How Does Green Pages Featured Listings Work

Featured Listings are the best way to get your business noticed, currently there are three ways to search for a Business on our web site. If for example I was searching for a business by Region and you chose that Region as your target audience on your featured listing entry, then whenever a potential customer makes a search by region your listing would be selected and would appear at the top of the results in the page (above the regular listings). Your featured listing would be highlighted in a different colour to stand out in the list of results.

The same would apply for Category searches and Keyword searches. However using Keyword searches your featured listing would appear first if that Keyword was used in the search. As a featured member you can choose many keywords, categories, sub categories, and regions. If you are using the free listing you will be limited in how much you can add.

Featured Listings also allow for a Logo and Web Site link. Featured and free listings also appear on the mobile version of our site.